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Environmental Fire Protection


Hydrant Fire Extinguisher

A revolutionary new Fire Extinguisher for the next decade. 

Reduced Extinguisher service contracts

 Servicing will become less expensive as the site has less Fire Extinguishers. Capital equipment cost is reduced because the site has less to replace.

Architects, churches, Hotels, schools, Museums & councils now using our new services.  

Something New

 This new extinguisher is truly ground breaking technology and is a multi application portable extinguisher.

 Suppressing the fire and reducing its oxygen content  tiny drops leave little trace of residue, on equipment or the surrounding area

Partnership Servicing


A new way forward in reducing cost and protection

Do you really need Co2


Have you been sold Co2?  

Do you really need Co2 ? 

Do a little to help


We are focused in applying technology in order to reduce Co2 in our atmosphere.



Our new and advanced foam is lighter, more efficient at fire knock down.


Free and independent advice


We offer a service partnership, working sites  in a new way that lets them reduce servicing costs, year after year after year



By using wardfire extinguishers not only are you reducing Co2 but reducing the aluminum from deep open mining pits across the globe.