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EnviroLance Fire Extinguishers

The new ENVIROLANCE EN3-2 clause 9 is an Environmental Extinguisher. Foam based extinguishers are always an excellent choice for  fires and partnered with an accidental electrical rating.  The increasingly popular 6 litre model combines light weight, compact design and a powerful  27A/183B fire rating. Class A fires consist of those which include textiles, wood, paper and carbonaceous materials. Class B fires consist of those which include flammable liquids such as petrol & spirits.

With a critical protection from electrical contact you can be assured the  ENVIROLANCE is a safe unit to use.

Future proofed , EU certified to 2020.

The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN, FrenchComité Européen de Normalisation) is a nonprofit standards organisation whose mission is to foster the European economy in global trading, the welfare of European citizens and the environment by providing an efficient infrastructure to interested parties for the development, maintenance and distribution of coherent sets of standards and specifications.with now a full British KITE Mark , this is a new  advanced piece of Fire Fighting Technology sold across Europe and now on sale here in the UK.

This ENVIROLANCE extinguisher may in most cases negate the need for a Co2 extinguisher on your premises thus reducing costs  and dramatically reducing your Carbon Foot Print.

BS EN 3-10:2009. Portable fire extinguishers. Provisions for evaluating the conformity of a portable fire extinguisher to EN 3-7.

All extinguishers are serviced to British Standard 5306.3.2009 and selected to British Standard 5306.8.2012.


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